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Pura X-mas anyone?!

So--I like puns---and I have a Purple tree to go with the story 'Little Wishes' and it's plastic and well Plastic Tree is going on said Plastic Tree hahaha! Am I funny yet Kurage? Pics under cut

PiccckusCollapse )
Please enjoy my nerdism


Normally I don't even write this much of a depressing thought process down----I really have no idea whats wrong other then massive depressing ness is starting to basically take over. Probably still in due to no job---no money---shitty family and now on top of that stupid ex/best friend thinks it's cool to try to make out with me then ditch me and now I just feel alone and isolated since I just keep feeling ignored---you wanna make new friends that's totally cool and I'm all for it but don't fucking act like I don't exsist like afterwords god damn....it's all fucking stupid >.> Everything has pretty much gotten so bad I'm even starting to loose interest in a lot of things you'd find me doing which also sucks cuz then I just kinda stare at the wall....though it seems I can be happy for a little bit if not long so I guess that's er good.....I don't even know what to do anymore life really sucks and I think the next person that tells me "it gets better" I'll probably freak out on and start hitting they have no idea what bad even fucking is.....to feel like you want to throw yourself in front of a train or whatever happens to be tall is one of the worst feelings in the world =/ also on a happier note what's with drunk jrockers and the word "Pencil" O_O

Nico Nico Awesome

Thought I'd let all the Jellies know they will be on Nico Nico soon!!

here's the link~~ <3



this thing called sleep

I'm tired LJ....really fucking tired....I like Ryutaro alot but I don't want to end up with the same sleep patterns >.> and this whole tossing and turning and NOT sleeping thing really needs to go far far away from me =/ for I'm a crabby Kai....the great Minnesota get together is tomorrow~~ er well I'm going tomorrow and gonna stuff my face with some mother foochin freach fries and cookies and ride on the gaint slide like a billion times!!! it's gonna be awesome....if I don't pull a Ryutaro Arimura....Did I mention I was tired....how does that man do it.... T_T
*falls asleep at laptop*
Cheeto be a dear and push post for Mommy.... x.X ZzzzzZzzzzz...

I am probably a dumbass

Well~ looks who's dusting off the old LJ.....again.... I swear I'll get good at using this one day ^^; So---I'm pretty sure I might just be a dumbass and get GazettE's new cd...mind you I might as well get the reg addition as I'm broke and Ruki's already getting the limited so I know I can steal the cool stuff like dvds and it would come out to like 50$ which isn't THAT bad XD I figure fuck it---yolo lolz....gazerock is now yolo shit hahah j/k! I should be going to bed...but instead of that I've become horriably distracted by a certain Tatsurou like creature....I still say Taste of Choas was one of the funnest concerts ever despite their being drama and just plain not being at a good time in my life <3 I miss that day~~~ maybe sometime again I'll have lots of fun like that! Cheeto is doing good~~ she's sleeping so I should probably capitalize on that and get my butt to bed after I pick up her toys lol messy cats is messy ^^;

Had some Kindergarden fun <3

Well~ this whole week has been slightly a bust... I went to pick up grandpa's old computer tower from being fixed and I had a very clumsy moment of trying to get the trunk out of my car the rest of the way open with my foot---foot got stuck and I take a tumble and hit my head and my poor elbow got a bad scrape---My neck is getting better as is my scrape so I think I'll be okay--I'm also sick again =/ it's really lame I keep coughing up crap and tonight is maybe the first night I'm actually pretty stuffy so now I'm enjoying Ginger Peach tea and playing with finger paints which leads me to the title of my post! lol! I made some jellyfishes~ go figure, but I think they turned out great and I can't wait to hang them up!! For now I think I'ma cuddle up in something toasty for I'm slightly chilly and maybe write some for my love victoriakada now that I think I feel up to it with not being so depressed ^_^
laterz~ Kai-chan

Halloween WIP

For my lovelie victoriakada~  My dress wip for Nekozirushi----also you may have given me a few ideas for my fic...now to just have time to write lol!!! anyhoo~ pic spam ho

Purple <3

victoriakada this is for you! A picture of Purple---provided I can figure out LJ enough to post XD Also have a making shot too XD


OMFG I finally have a cool phone in which I can take cool pictures of  absoulutly nothing Important XD Just like jrockers XD going on date with girlfriend tonight, gonna go see Lion King in 3D and probably get fast food it'll be super nummy!! For now watching the boyfriend Takanori and I really need to get in the shower
<3 Kai